When in 2017 we started our Pop Culture website Pop Expresso, Ken had the right vision and formula to attract more visitors and make it popular. That was something I was deeply lacking, but Ken knew from the beginning the right type of article, words and subject that could interest people. With a bottomless knowledge, he knew many things about the most diverse subjects, from politics to showbiz, history to house management; Ken always absorbed information very quickly. With Pop Expresso, he spent some times hours of the day learning about Pop Culture subjects that he was fond of and knew other people would like. But not only that, he also simultaneously worked in the site background managing statistics, planning advertisement, targeting audience geographically according the time fuses around the world and locals, and all of that, while keeping his job and studies. Hundreds of articles on Pop Expresso were written by Ken, in a little bit over a year, I remember a few in particular that he dug deep to be able to write something informative and accurate, such as the history of the Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen romance and tragedy, details I had never learned about. Building quizzes were also part of contributions to the site, he made several, including a Cher guess the lyrics and a smart personality quiz. Many films and music lists that he believed was something the visitors liked. When we first started the website, I would write several paragraphs on an article, and Ken always told me to keep it short and simple in harmony with people’s current attention span, and as usual, he was right. One of the last changes he wanted to make to the website was to add original videos edited by us, and perhaps get a good video camera and film subjects that could interest our audience. He edited three videos, all for the Halloween season of 2018; one based on the film Halloween 3, a facts video on the film Hocus Pocus and an Elvira craving a pumpkin. Ken had a plan for Pop Expresso, all the hard work we were putting into it, he did believed one day was going to be finally rewarded. Doing something that we both enjoyed and that we could maybe one day make a decent revenue, particularly for him, being able to share his knowledge with others, his accurate knowledge. He would get really upset every time someone spot that I had made a mistake and reported something inaccurate in an article. Specially quizzes, after making a second mistake on one he turned to me and said that before I put it online I had to show him first for him to detect any possible mistakes. Above all, he wanted people to trust our information. Here, you will find a compilation of some of his articles, linking back to Pop Expresso, where he originally published them. The articles remain used and shared through social media; some with necessary slight modifications concerning dates and years, but all remain untouched in its original form. This is a way for Ken keeping up his contributions to Pop Expresso. On Halloween in 2019, while browsing through the articles database and archives, I came across a draft made by Ken of a finished article he never published: Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes from Yesteryear. Why he never published it, I do not know, but it was ready to be online, and just on time for Halloween.