If somebody asked me only one thing that Ken asked from people around him, that would be, to be loved, by friends or family. He could give himself totally to people; to do everything he possibly could to see people happy and well, and only ever asked for the same in return. I never met anyone who did not surrendered to his natural light and charm at first sight, he had that rare appeal, the best and most loyal friend you could have. Throughout his life, Ken made friends from everywhere in the world, language, age, social status, was never for him an obstacle to friendship. He only wanted to see those around him happy and loved when he was with them. I know when he was upset with someone, or hurt, but never had I seen him showing it to the person or persons he was upset. By the contrary, literally, he would even serve more food in their plate than his own, and it was all genuine. To be in a serious argument or upset at Ken was next to impossible. A genuinely, naturally born gentle and beautiful soul.