Ellen Warren Owings, Aunt

Kenny Paul Warren. My nephew. Kenny Paul as we used to call him, was my brothers oldest, of four children. He was a silly kid growing up always play acting and loved whimsical things, such as dressing up for Halloween which was his favorite! Him, his siblings and Mom moved away shortly after his dad passed away in ‘96, he was only 13 years old. We only saw them Christmas Eve for several years afterwards. We lost many years of contact with him and his family only to hear about how they were through hearsay. Although there wasn’t much contact they remained in our thoughts and conversations as the years passed. Kenny Paul like his dad loved to travel as we were told and chose the roads and a life that gave him that ability. Although our paths had went in different directions it is obvious that he was enjoying his life the many miles from his hometown, with David the man he chose to spend it with, way across the ocean in Portugal. I’m happy Kenny Paul got to do what he enjoyed and was happy. His memory will always be with me, mostly those days as a child of course as I remember seeing him playing outside in our connected yards with his cousins. I’m glad to know his life was good as we would have only wanted it to be. Kenny Paul you are truly missed. -Ellen Warren Owings

Leanne Jones, Friend

I was asked to write a short message for Kenny Paul, but that is impossible. A million things came rushing into my head. The first day I met Kenny Paul I had just moved from the UK to the USA, I walked into their house and he said, “your beautiful, what are you doing with him?!”. That was the day I learnt very quickly KP says what is always on his mind. We became best friends very quickly; it was as if we had known each other for a lifetime. When I felt alone in this country, he was there for me always my biggest cheerleader even when I would fail at life miserably. He would show up with treats and coffee and the day would lead to night of wine, where we would share our hopes and dreams of life. We shared this thirst for life, to learn new things, to see new things, and we just only ever wanted to be accepted and loved for who we were. He was my true friend, I always thought “when KP comes back, we are going to this, and that”. But he never did come back. The only thing that makes my heart at some peace it knowing he was able to find that one person we both dreamed about the one who loved him unconditionally to share his world with. The day Kenny Paul left to go see David he was so excited, but when he had to come back he was so depressed and all he could focus on was traveling back to be with the man he loves, and I’m so happy he got to do this, because I had never seen him so happy.
The day Kenny Paul passed he left behind so many people who loved him more than he could ever imagine, but one thing is for sure, I know he loved life and found the beauty in so many things. Even with his sarcastic sense of humor that I adored so much. I joked with him about how when he left my life went to hell, but he got to live his and I was so happy. I will always miss Kenny Paul and remember our times together he will always be my “favorite Gay” and I will always be his favorite “fag hag”. You showed me that its ok for me to be different and I shouldn’t change for the world, and I will always love you for that my dear friend, until we meet in the next life, may you rest in peace.

José Taguinicar, Friend

I met Ken through David, and from the moment I met Ken in Lisbon, you can feel the warmth and security that he emitted naturally – present at the moment. At their wedding, I represented Ken’s side – the American side! I saw and felt the joy in Ken’s face. Ken and David were two peas in a pod and balanced each other out. Ken was relaxed, self aware, and present. I’ve never seen a couple so perfect for each other, which is why his early departure from earth is very hard for David and the rest of his friends and family. It takes a village to equal Ken’s personality, and all the villagers have come out to celebrate Ken with David.