Many people throughout their whole lives, never have the luck or chance to meet someone like my husband, Ken, because gentle and selfless souls like him are rare to find. Let me tell you a little about the wonderful man Ken was and always will be; with endless potential on many fields, Ken loved life. He loved everything life could offer him for free, he was (and perhaps will always be) the most materialistic detached person I have ever met in my life. He never cared about possessions, money for him, had one only purpose: to give him the possibility of visiting or discover new places, travel, or make others around him happy.

Kenneth Paul Warren II was born on February 27, 1983, in Greenville, North Carolina, United States of America, the son of Kenneth Paul Warren and Donna Jeanine Warren. Because we came into each others lives, I’ll always feel the most privileged man in the world, blessed like very few people can say they are, by beng loved by Ken, by having shared life together with him. It is fair or common to say that all love is special, and I agree, it is, but when I say ours was special, it was indeed very special. Ken was my better half, literally. With him I learned, not only things about life, but about many different subjects, art, music, movies, literature, cultures, religions, politics, and even how to do some work around the house. He was a natural for many things, a fast learner, absorbing all that he could as fast as he could, sometimes two or three different things at the same time. Smart, precise, balanced, and funny. Ken was never only just my husband. He was and is, my whole life, and in my heart, I know we’ll meet again.

This website took nearly a year to finish, because going through all the beauty of Ken and the beautiful things he wanted to share with us, wasn’t easy at times. What you are now visiting, is a website that was made with all the love, heart, tears and affection that someone can have for other. Ken deserves it, he always deserved all the good things life could bless him with, more than anyone else I know.

The biggest thank you to my mother in law Donna Warren, who since the beginning gave me more than all the strength she could with this celebration of Ken’s life, she was the biggest and most continuous support during the rough moments that I had to select the material to be shared here with you all. This website, as she knows, it is also her’s and for her. The greatest reward, will sincerely be to hope that all of you who come across this page can at least learn a thing or two with what Ken shared with us, through his photographs, articles, impressions. If you never knew Ken, here you have that opportunity. Somewhere, in the big grand plan where he is now, I am certain he’s looking forward to welcoming us one day with that beautiful and precious smile of his on his face, telling us a silly joke and show us around.

“My love, I wait for you.
I wait for you in the harshest desert,
and next to the flowering lemon tree,
in every place where there is life,
where spring is being born,
my love, I wait for you”

By Pablo Neruda

I love you my beautiful husband, always will.

David Warren, Lisbon, February 27, 2020