To choose what photos to publish of my husband and me together was simultaneously easy and hard. Easy because there are many beautiful ones, hard, because some of those same beautiful ones should remain private. That was the hardest part, to go through thousands of photos and decide which ones. Ken and I were always very private people, very often I photographed him randomly doing mundane things at home, sometimes, we were lying in bed, just talking, and suddenly grabbed the phone or a camera and started to take photos of ourselves, some of those are among my favorites. Those were never really meant to be published, or seen by anyone else than us. However, a few illustrates through photography the love we always had for each other, and this, is something that both Ken and I were happy to share with people. Therefore, you will find some of those more intimate photos here. Regardless of the location style or definition, all of these photographs have something in common: an unconditional and endless love for each other.