Ken and I visited Paris, France in 2018, one of our greatest and best memories. I lived in Paris for a while, many years ago, but with Ken, I discovered a brand new city. We arrived by plane in the morning on September 11 and made our way to Argenteuil, a suburb of Paris where we were staying with people that were very close, Stephane and his mother Paulette. After we ate something, Ken immediately wanted to go explore, and so we did. We explored Argenteuil, and decided to leave the city of Paris for the next day. Ken, with his funny ways, was somewhat embarrassed that I was wearing a hat, because, he did not wanted us mistaken by tourists, and I looked like one. He just wanted to blend in with the locals. During the next days, he did more than blend in, he sort out the city and all the neighborhoods as he always had lived there. He knew where to go, by feet, and without any maps or GPS. We walked for miles and miles in Paris, went from one side of the city to the other. Ken wanted to experience it, to see it with his eyes and to step the ground. Not even once, we got lost. Sometimes when we got back to Argenteuil in the evening, and tell Paulette and Stephane, both Parisians that we had walked from one point of the city to another opposite one they were surprised and amazed. One of my favorite moments was our walk along the borders of the Seine. It was quiet, peaceful, and Ken and I stood there for a while just appreciating the view. At the same time, he was also doing his calculations by looking at the landscape and figuring where we were and how to get to a specific point. After four days, Ken could already engage in a conversation in French, this was how bright he was. Paulette, who only speaks French, would talk to him, and, to my surprise, he already knew how to answer. He was very fast learning. In Paris, he made new friends, just being Ken, everybody loved the sweet, bright and gentle man he was. We planned to comeback.