One weekend, we decided to go on a road trip to Spain. To travel and visit a new place got Ken excited. Together with our friends Luís and Joaquim, we boarded in route to Spain one Saturday morning. We traveled through the south of Portugal before arriving to Spain, and Ken was even as excited to visit the small grounds around a road border restaurant, as he was to visit Spain. We arrived in Mérida, Spain and he already knew exactly our plan for the day. The previous days he had been reading, studying about that city, its history, monuments. Everything. This city has some of the oldest Roman Empire ruins in Europe that includes a coliseum and a theater. We walked around the city, and Ken even tells me “there is a record store in the city”, just as like he was a local. When we got to the Roman ruins, I remember he got a little bit melancholic, I never understood why. One thing he did not liked in Spain though was the gastronomy.