Nothing made Ken happier than to visit new places and travel. Throughout the years he took thousands of photographs from landscapes, both nature and urban, interiors, street art, classic art, modern art, gardens, plants, flowers, sculptures, monuments and sometimes, just something that he’d came across because he found it beautiful to his eyes. Those photos that he took across the United States, especially in North Carolina but also in several other states, as for example a few he took of the urban landscape of Chicago, and Europe, are a precious legacy and testimony of his life. Over the years, Ken became increasingly talented in taking photographs, and developed a signature style, some of the photos he took in the U.SA, Portugal, Spain and France, are truly beautiful, and they deserve to be shared with people. To choose a few ones from thousands was a very hard and emotional task, and I believe these are some of the very best. More will be add over time. Visitors can share the photographs in social media, but in order to protect my husband’s work and image, the saving option was disabled. I truly hope you like these photographs, to see through Ken’s eyes the beauty he found in so many things.