The little Kenny Paul was a beautiful child that became a beautiful man. Ken and I shared everything about each other’s lives, and in these lines, I will write a little bit, about how he saw life while growing up in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He always told me how wonderful both his parents Kenneth and Donna were to him as a child, he loved them both dearly, and remembered his father with a lot of love, sometimes playing the Otis Redding song Sittin’On the Dock of the Bay. From an early age, Ken had a special sensitivity, and was a very special child. His mother Donna shared with me one time the story of how he asked to all his Christmas presents be donated to poor children, I must stress the fact that Ken’s family comes from a very humble and modest background, the fact that he naturally had that altruism within him, makes him very special. In fact, so much special that in all the years we shared together, never one time he mentioned to me that story, because for him, being good, human and charitable, was so natural. I think deep inside, in his heart, he thought everyone had that potential, to be naturally good. These are family photos of Kenny Paul growing up, from baby to teenager.